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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A 2-Layer Perceptron Performance Improvement in Classifying 26 Turned Monochrome 60-by-80-Images via Training with Pixel-Distorted Turned ImagesRomanuke, Vadim V.; Романюк, Вадим Васильович; Романюк, В. В.
2018Acyclic-and-Asymmetric Payoff Triplet Refinement of Pure Strategy Efficient Nash Equilibria in Trimatrix Games by Maximinimin and SuperoptimalityRomanuke, V. V.; Романюк, В. В.; Романюк, В. В.
2017Finding an Optimal Decisions’ Subset by Minimaximax Regret Criterion Regarding Instability of the Decision FunctionRomanuke, V. V.; Романюк, В. В.; Романюк, В. В.
2017Flexible Solution of a 2-layer Perceptron Optimization by its Size and Training Set Smooth Distortion Ratio for Classifying Simple-Structured ObjectsRomanuke, V. V.; Романюк, В. В.; Романюк, В. В.