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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Principles of three dimensional spatial multiplexing in wireless communicationsMazurenko, Oleksandr V.; Yakornov, Yevhenii A.
2015Printing stability of offset printing platesSkyba, Vasyl Mykolaiovych; Скиба, Василь Миколайович; Скиба, Василий Николаевич
2010Probabilistic ranking in the local searchLanevska, A.
2016Problem of fuzzy portfolio optimization and its solution with application of forecasting methodsZaychenko, Yuri; Sydoruk, Inna; Зайченко, Юрій Петрович; Сидорук, Інна Анатоліївна; Зайченко, Ю. П.; Сидорук, И. А.
2010Problems in production of uniformed, hollowed push-pull rodsLukasik, Krzysztof; Stebliuk, Volodimir Ivanovich
2008Problems of and perspectives to electronic B2B trade on the basis of BulgariaVelitschkova, D.; Dimitrov, I. D.
2019Problems of effective management of the process of formation of profitability of the enterpriseShevchuk, N. A.
2013Problems of surface quality of ground hardened steels during dynamic loadNovak, Martin; Новак, Мартин
2018Problems of Training NDT Specialists in UkraineProtasov, A.
2017Procedural aspects of educational changes: empirical findings at institutional levelSemenets-Orlova, Inna
2018Process Mining: Applied Discipline and Software ImplementationsBatyuk, A. Ye.; Voityshyn, V. V.; Батюк, А. Є.; Войтишин, В. В.; Батюк, А. Е.; Войтишин, В. В.
2013Processing of aluminum waste from the food packagingMichna, Štefan; Majrich, Petr; Михна, Стефан; Майрих, Петер
2016Processing Uncertainties in Modeling Nonstationary Time Series Using Decision Support SystemsBidyuk, Petro I.; Trofymchuk, Oleksandr M.; Gozhyj, Olexander P.; Bidiuk, Oleksii P.; Бідюк, Петро Іванович; Трофимчук, Олександр Миколайович; Гожий, Олександр Петрович; Бідюк, Олексій Петрович; Бидюк, Петр Иванович; Трофимчук, Александр Николаевич; Гожий, Александр Петрович; Бидюк, Алексей Петрович
2018Product Specialized Software Applications for Life Cycle AssessmentDzhygyrey, I.; Mynko, O.; Джигирей, І. М.; Минько, О. В.; Джигирей, И. Н.; Минько, А. В.
2018-08Production of nanosize films on the base of scutterudite CoSb3 for thermoelectric devicesMakogon, Yu. M.; Sidorenko, S. I.; Shkarban, R. A.
2019Production standards improvement is an integral part of the permanent developmentHusiev, A. M.
2015The Productivity Analysis of Discrete Information Transfer System Near the Shannon BorderMoshynska, Alina V.; Мошинська, А. В.; Мошинская, А. В.
2017Project managementDovgan, L. E.; Mokhonko, A. А.; Artemenko, L. P.
2017Project managementDovgan, L. E.; Mokhonko, A. А.; Artemenko, L. P.
2012Properties of acid- and alkali-treated cadmium pigmentsMakarewicz, E.; Cysewski, P.; Michalik, A.; Ziółkowska, D.