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dc.contributor.authorKulakov, Yurii A.-
dc.contributor.authorKoronenko, Anastasia M.-
dc.identifier.citationKulakov Yu. A. Traffic Fractal Analysis and the Determine the Probability Call Blocking in Cellular Mobile Networks / Yurii A. Kulakov, Anastasia M. Koronenko // Information and telecommunication sciences : international research journal. – 2015. – Vol. 6, N. 1(10). – Pp. 15–20. – Bibliogr.: 12 ref.en
dc.titleTraffic Fractal Analysis and the Determine the Probability Call Blocking in Cellular Mobile Networksen
dc.format.pagerangePp. 15-20en
dc.source.nameInformation and telecommunication sciences : international research journalen
dc.description.abstractenThe purpose of this article is analysis of fractal properties of traffic and its influence on the characteristics of telecommunication systems for a given quality of service (QoS) as invariant to scale throbbing traffic structure can significantly influence the network performance. Analysis of the causes and consequences of fractal in traffic, and to identify areas handover is an important task in the modeling of radio coverage in the environment base stations Radio Mobile [1]. The numerical analysis model is incomplete two streams available system of mass service (SMS) with expectations calling for the handover and determine the probability of each new call blocking, call handover-and-multiple-call handover in a mobile network cell.en
dc.publisherNational Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”en
Appears in Collections:Information and telecommunication sciences: international research journal, Vol. 6, N. 1(10)

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