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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Problems of surface quality of ground hardened steels during dynamic loadNovak, Martin; Новак, Мартин
2012Методика теоретичного визначення приведених пружних параметрів інструментального оснащення з орієнтованим центром жорсткостіВакуленко, С. В.; Vakulenko, S.
2013Effect of orientation of principal axises of stiffness of an elastic-system of the toolholder on a stability of turning processShevchenko, O.; Zharov, A. A.; Шевченко, А. В.; Жаров, А. А.
2013Evaluation of homogenizing annealing of AlZn5,5Mg2,5Cu1,5 alloyWeiss, Viktorie; Střihavková, Elena; Вайс, Виктория; Стригавкова, Елена
2013Processing of aluminum waste from the food packagingMichna, Štefan; Majrich, Petr; Михна, Стефан; Майрих, Петер
2013Tool wear after inoculating AlSi7Mg0,3 alloyNáprstková, Nataša; Напрсткова, Наташа
2013Assessment of the effect of temperature and annealing time homogenization AlCu4MgMn alloys in terms of microstructure image analysis methods and EDXWeiss, Viktorie; Kvapilova, Ingrid; Вайс, Виктория; Квапилова, Ингрид
2013The new type of Al-Si-Mg Ca alloys with different Ca and their identification using of the color metallographyStřihavková, E.; Стригавкова, Е.
2015Response localization in disordered structures governed by the Sturm-Liouville differential equation. (Review)Iakovliev, A.; Яковлев, Андрей И.
2015Machining strategies for gear cutting with disc-shaped milling toolsPasternak, Sergej; Danylchenko, Yuriy; Heisel, Uwe; Пастернак, С. И.; Данильченко, Ю. М.; Хайзель, У.