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dc.contributor.authorБорисов, В. В.-
dc.contributor.authorБорисов, В. В.-
dc.contributor.authorBorysov, V. V.-
dc.identifier.citationБорисов, В. В. Обмен данными в процессе автоматизированного синтеза конечно–элементной модели кессона крыла самолета транспортной категории / В. В. Борисов // Механіка гіроскопічних систем : науково-технічний збірник. – 2016. – Вип. 32. – С. 94–109. – Бібліогр.: 7 назв.uk
dc.sourceМеханіка гіроскопічних систем: науково-технічний збірник, Вип. 32uk
dc.subjectкесон крылаuk
dc.subjectсамолет транспортной категорииuk
dc.subjectконечно-элементная модельuk
dc.subjectкесон крилаuk
dc.subjectлітак транспортної категоріїuk
dc.subjectскінченно-елементна модельuk
dc.subjectwing boxuk
dc.subjectaircraft transport categoryuk
dc.subjectfinite element modeluk
dc.titleОбмен данными в процессе автоматизированного синтеза конечно–элементной модели кессона крыла самолета транспортной категорииuk
dc.title.alternativeОбмін даними у процесі автоматизованого синтезу кінцево елементної моделі кесона крила літака транспортної категоріїuk
dc.title.alternativeThe Data Exchange іn the Process of Automated Synthesis of the Finite-Element Model of Wing Box of the Transport Category Aircraftuk
dc.format.pagerangeС. 94–109uk
dc.description.abstractukДосліджено схеми обміну даними між локальними скінченно-елементними моделями фрагментів конструкції кесона крила літака транспортної категорії в процесі синтезу загальної скінченно-елементної моделі кесона крила. Сформульовано загальні задачі розробки і узгодження форматів обміну даними, а також задачі розробки алгоритмів встановлення зв'язків між об'єктами бази даних скінченно-елементної моделі кесона крила.uk
dc.description.abstractenFor the solving of task of optimization of power structure of wing box of transport aircraft the analysis of significant volume of random variants of wing box element composition is needed. The most effective method for modeling the elastic properties of random structures and analyzing their stress-strain state under the action of random loads is the finite element method. In this case, the complexity of the structure of the finite element model (the number of elements and the number of links between elements) is comparable to the complexity of the model being modeled. In modern CAD-systems this problem is solved with the help of the decomposition method. In accordance with this method, the process of creating a common structure model is transformed into relatively independent processes for creating models of structure elements. At that there is a problem of coordination the parameters of local models, without the solution of which the synthesis of the common model is impossible. Unlike 3D models, the process of combining local finite element models include the change in their internal data. That is, the data exchange between local models is also performed in the process of synthesis of the common finite element model. The article investigates the schemes of data exchange between the local finite element models of structure elements of transport aircraft at the synthesis of common finite element model wing box. It is shown that when using the method of automatic building of finite elements on the basis of geometric models of structure elements on which all modern CAE systems are based, the number of decomposition levels is limited to two. The use of the substructures (superelements) method significantly expands the capabilities of CAE-systems in the modeling of complex structures, since the division of the general geometric model into several parts increases the number of levels of its decomposition to three. Increase the number of levels of decomposition makes it possible to divide the process of building of local geometric by transferring each part of the common model to separate specialist. As a result, the time of building of local finite-element models is reduced. At that, the synthesis of finite element models of fragments of the common geometric model is first performed, which are then combined into a common model. Unlike CAD-systems, CAE-systems do not have an interface with database management systems and do not support the required functions of data management. This significantly complicates the process of coordination models of substructures. It is shown that to solve the problem of data exchange in the process of synthesis of the finite-element model of the wing box, it is necessary to use individual algorithms for models of each class of structural elements. At that the data exchange must take place in an automatic mode. Implementation of these conditions is possible only with the use of object-oriented information technologies and, in particular, object-oriented systems for project data
dc.description.abstractruИсследованы схемы обмена данными между локальными конечно-элементными моделями фрагментов конструкции кессона крыла самолета транспортной категории в процессе синтеза общей конечно-элементной модели кессона крыла. Сформулированы общие задачи разработки и согласования форматов обмена данными, а также задачи разработки алгоритмов установления связей между объектами базы данных конечно-элементной модели кессона крыла.uk
dc.publisherНТУУ «КПІ»uk
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