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dc.contributor.authorГуменюк, О. В.-
dc.contributor.authorHumeniuk, O. V.-
dc.identifier.citationГуменюк О. В. Високі технології поліграфії / О. В. Гуменюк // Технологія і техніка друкарства : збірник наукових праць. – 2011. – Вип. 4 (34). – С. 68–71. – Бібліогр.: 4 назви.uk
dc.sourceТехнологія і техніка друкарства: збірник наукових працьuk
dc.titleВисокі технології поліграфіїuk
dc.title.alternativeHigh printing technologiesuk
dc.format.pagerangeС. 68-71uk
dc.description.abstractukВисвітлено розвиток високих технологій починаючи від винаходів ХVIII-XIX століть і завершуючи високими поліграфічними технологіями сьогодення, а саме удосконаленням фотопроцесів за рахунок впровадження нанотехнологій у процес виготовлення різного типу поліграфічних матеріалів.uk
dc.description.abstractenHigh-Tech development is reflected for past and present time, namely by the improvement of photo processes due to introduction of nanotechnologies in the process of making different type of materials for Graphic Arts. Modern Graphic Arts uses electronic processing of image and text, complete production automation achieved by improvements in data transmission. Color printing technologies used today such high achievements in science and technology as a digital optics and computers, quantum generators of various capacities, including high-performance semiconductor lasers, spectroscopy, and surely can be called high-tech printing. The invention of photography was a major breakthrough not only in image transmission, but also in general in science and technology. Devices are becoming more miniature and compact for transfering the image through photographic lens and optical. It uses electronics, which gradually passes to the rank of microelectronics. And there has not been without photocopying and printing in the production of printed wiring boards. Special types of print found their wide application in the field of electronics in the past because of ability to use ink with special properties and applied different thickness ink layers on a wide range of materials and surfaces. Nanoscale systems and nanotechnology in printing production are used in researched and developed photopolymerization composite system for the production of printing forms stencilled. Our results opens new possibilities for further improvement of the photopolymerization materials – layers of copy, printing inks and varnishes, as well as progress on the whole screen printing technologies, including rotary screen
dc.description.abstractruОтражено развитие высоких технологий прошлого и нынешнего времени, в частности усовершенствованием фотопроцессов, включая использование нанотехнологий в процесс изготовления разного типа полиграфических материалов.uk
dc.publisherВПІ НТУУ "КПІ"uk
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