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dc.contributor.authorLisiecka, Krystyna-
dc.contributor.authorAdamus-Matuszycska, Anna-
dc.identifier.citationLisiecka, Krystyna. Report title : Social accountability standards as strategic marketing management of industrial enterprises / Krystyna Lisiecka, Anna Adamus-Matuszycska // Економічний вісник НТУУ «КПІ» : збірник наукових праць. – 2008. – № 5. – С. 251–255. – Бібліогр.: 5 назв.uk
dc.subjectCorporate Social Responsibilityuk
dc.subjectSA 8000uk
dc.titleReport title : Social accountability standards as strategic marketing management of industrial enterprisesuk
dc.format.pagerangeС. 251-255uk
dc.source.nameЕкономічний вісник НТУУ «КПІ»: збірник наукових працьuk
dc.description.abstractenThe report shows how corporate social responsibility has become a powerful strategy in the contemporary marketing. The business ethics of each organisation is created by behaviours and decisions of its all people and managers. The cores of business ethics are moral values, which influence and determine the activities of an each employee and manager. At first these values are accepted only in informal way and than, after mature time of an organisation, they are identified, described and officially communicated, that means they become formal. In the time of business scandals, lack of political stability and difficult economic situation there have been some issues and questions expecting for rapid answers within the marketing field. Events such as creative accounting and frauds have shaken audience confidence and loyalty. Tragic accidents during terrorist attacks have also alarmed people in both the economy and society. The mentioned events which involve high profile organizations make many business specialists be more concern about business ethics, responsibility and corporate reputation. As a result, new strategies of product and company’s reputation creating are expected to adopt the new means of rebuilding audience confidence and trust. The ethical values with the idea of responsibility at the top are significant connection between B to B units. In the Polish economic life the business ethics is often not respected enough, but despite of that more and more companies are interested in ethical business as a factor of the performance improvement. A main reason of this situation is, that only building the business activity founded on the ethical principles can lead the whole enterprise to the superior performance and business success on the global market. This has also the main positive influence on corporate social responsibility. This report shows the one of the important tools in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – which is a norm SA 8000 issue by SAI - Social Accountability International as a great opportunity for new strategic marketing management with the special relevance in B2B
dc.publisherНТУУ "КПІ"uk
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