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dc.contributor.authorLuntovskyy, Andriy-
dc.contributor.authorVasyutynskyy, Volodymyr-
dc.identifier.citationLuntovskyy A. Efficiency metrics computing in combined sensor networks / Andriy Luntovskyy, Volodymyr Vasyutynskyy // Telecommunication Sciences : international research journal. – 2011. – Vol. 2, N. 2(3). – P. 15–21. – Bibliogr.: 22
dc.sourceTelecommunication Sciences: international research journalen
dc.titleEfficiency metrics computing in combined sensor networksuk
dc.format.pagerangePp. 15-21uk
dc.description.abstractenThis paper discusses the computer-aided design of combined networks for offices and building automation systems based on diverse wired and wireless standards. The design requirements for these networks are often contradictive and have to consider performance, energy and cost efficiency together. For usual office communication, quality of service is more important. In the wireless sensor networks, the energy efficiency is a critical requirement to ensure their long life, to reduce maintenance costs and to increase reliability. The network optimization problem has been solved under considering of overall-costs as objective and quality of service including throughput, delay, packet losses etc. with energy efficiency as required constraints. This can be achieved by a combination of different planning methods like placement of wired and wireless nodes, tracing of cabling systems, energy-efficient sensor management and event-based sampling. A successful application of these methods requires a combined harmonized design at different levels of the networks. This paper aims to demonstrate how these methods are realized in the network planning. These tools provide optimized wired and wireless topologies under considering of costs, distances, transmitted power, frequencies, propagation environments and obstacles given in computer-aided design compatible
dc.publisherNational Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”uk
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