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dc.contributor.authorVoitenko, Iurii Iu.-
dc.identifier.citationVoitenko I. I. Multiroute cross-layer transport protocol with reliable data delivery / Iurii Iu. Voitenko // Telecommunication Sciences : international research journal. – 2012. – Vol. 3, N. 1(4). – P. 22–27. – Bibliogr.: 6
dc.sourceTelecommunication Sciences: international research journalen
dc.titleMultiroute cross-layer transport protocol with reliable data deliveryuk
dc.format.pagerangePp. 22-27uk
dc.description.abstractenA multiroute cross-layer transport protocol with data delivery capabilities for mobile networks is proposed. Protocol combines routing functionality with reliable data delivery. It is shown that finding multiple routes to the destination can be successfully combined with a connection establishment for connection-oriented protocols such as TCP. Establishing a connection over multiple routes can significantly decrease the time of the connection recovery when some routes become unavailable thus increasing total throughput of transport protocol in mobile networks environment. Performance analysis of the proposed protocol indicated that in mobile sensor networks with 5-10% of packet losses its throughput is approximately 60% higher than throughput of TCP-Reno2 flowing over shortest
dc.publisherNational Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”uk
Appears in Collections:Telecommunication Sciences: international research journal, Vol. 3, N. 1(4)

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