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dc.contributor.authorIlchenko, Mikhail E.-
dc.contributor.authorCherepenin, Viktor A.-
dc.contributor.authorKalinin, Valeriy I.-
dc.contributor.authorNarytnik, Teodor N.-
dc.contributor.authorChapurskiy, Valeriy V.-
dc.identifier.citationWireless terahertz communications with spectral modulation of UWB noise signals / Mikhail E. Ilchenko, Viktor A. Cherepenin, Valeriy I. Kalinin, Teodor N. Narytnik, Valeriy V. Chapurskiy // Telecommunication Sciences : international research journal. – 2012. – Vol. 3, N. 2(5). – P. 39–43. – Bibliogr.: 8
dc.sourceTelecommunication Sciences: international research journalen
dc.titleWireless terahertz communications with spectral modulation of UWB noise signalsuk
dc.format.pagerangeРр. 39-43uk
dc.description.abstractenAn ultra-wideband wireless communication system based on continuous carrier noise signals with low radiation level for digital information transfer in terahertz frequency range has been investigated. Autocorrelation and spectral methods of processing received ultra-wideband noise signals with coded spectral modulation are considered. The error probability on bit of transmit information versus the energetic signal to noise ratio at the receiver input is theoretically analyzed for different bit rate performance and frequency band of carrier noise signals. The proposed terahertz wireless communication system is characterized by high interference immunity and information transmission reliability under conditions when the amplitude of desired signal becomes lower then the interference level. The range of radio communication at low radiation power of ultra-wideband carrier noise signals is evaluated. The performed investigations confirm the development possibility of prospective ultra-wideband systems of noise
dc.publisherNational Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”uk
Appears in Collections:Telecommunication Sciences: international research journal, Vol. 3, N. 2(5)

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