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dc.contributor.authorKolosov, Aleksandr-
dc.contributor.authorKolosova, Olena-
dc.contributor.authorVanin, Volodymyr-
dc.contributor.authorAnish, Khan-
dc.identifier.citationUltrasonic Treatment in the Production of Classical Composites and Carbon Nanocomposites / Aleksandr Evhenovych Kolosov, Elena Petryvna Kolosova, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych Vanin, Anish Khan // Nanocarbon and Its Composites: Preparation, Properties and Applications / Eds. Anish Khan, S. Mohammad Jawaid, Inamuddin, Abdullah M. Asiri. – 1st edition. – Woodhead Publishing (imprint of Elsevier), 2019. – Chapter 25. – Pp. 733–780.en
dc.identifier.othereBook: 978-0-08-102510-9-
dc.descriptionAbstract, Introduction and Conclusions of the Book Chapter are presented for the acquaintance. Full text is available at
dc.description.abstractLow-frequency ultrasonic treatment in the production of classical composites and carbon nanocomposites is one of the dominant methods used in the preparation of such kinds of composites. For example, ultrasonic is a basic method of physical modification of liquid epoxy media, as well as to a method that intensifies the processes of sonification of liquid epoxy media, capillary impregnation, "wet" winding and dosed application. This method also promotes the production of defect-free and monolithic structures of such reinforced composites. The influence of ultrasonic treatment regimes on the technological and operational properties of epoxy polymers is investigated, as well as the strengthening of reinforced composites based on them. Technical means of ultrasonic cavitation treatment for classical epoxy binders and polymer composite materials based on them are investigated. Ultrasonic dispersing of nanoparticles in solutions and liquid polymeric media is studied. Aspects of preparation of nanosuspensions for the production of polymeric nanocomposites with ultrasonic treatment as also the production of nanomodified epoxy compositions and prepregs based on them are described. Ultrasonic treatment in the production of graphene and graphene aerogels is analyzed. Epoxy composites based on graphene aerogels with exceptional operational properties are studied.en
dc.sourceNanocarbon And Its Composites: Preparation, Properties and Applications. 1st edition. Eds. Anish Khan, S. Mohammad Jawaid, Inamuddin, Abdullah M. Asiri, Woodhead Publishing (imprint of Elsevier), 2018, 872 p.en
dc.titleUltrasonic Тrеаtment in the Production of Classical Composites and Carbon Nanocompositesen
dc.typeBook chapteren
dc.format.pagerangePp. 733-780en
dc.publisherWoodhead Publishing (imprint of Elsevier)en
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