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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016How long will your skills last? Depends on your jobBaranovska, Lesia Valeriivna; Барановська, Леся Валеріївна
2016Method of resolving functions for differential pursuit games with delayBaranovska, Lesia Valeriivna; Барановська, Леся Валеріївна
2017-05-22Method of resolving functions for the pursuit game with a pure time-lagBaranovska, Lesia Valeriivna
2017-05-01Mixed strategy Nash equilibrium in one game and rationalityBaranovska, Lesia Valeriivna; Bukovskiy, Olexandr
2017-05-10The problem “Boy and Crocodile” with time-lagBaranovska, Lesia Valeriivna