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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Classical Thermoset Epoxy Composites for Structural Purposes: Designing, Preparation, Properties and ApplicationsKolosov, Aleksandr; Kolosova, Olena; Vanin, Volodymyr; Anish, Khan
2018Functional Materials for Construction Application Based on Classical and Nano Composites: Production and PropertiesKolosov, Aleksandr; Kolosova, Olena
2017Short bibliography of scientific studies in the field of designing basic technological processes and equipment for ultrasonic manufacture of high-strength reactoplastic composite fiber materialsKolosov, Aleksandr
2018Short Review of Studies on Modeling of Technology and Technical Means Used for Production of Classical and Nanomodified Functional Polymer Composite MaterialsKolosov, Aleksandr; Kolosova, Olena
2019Ultrasonic Тrеаtment in the Production of Classical Composites and Carbon NanocompositesKolosov, Aleksandr; Kolosova, Olena; Vanin, Volodymyr; Anish, Khan