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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis and modeling the dynamics changing of registered crimes taking into account the macroeconomic and political situation in UkraineTerentiev, Oleksandr; Makukha, Mykhailo; Savastynov, Volodymyr; Oparina, Elena
2018Analysis of causality Bayesian network usage for data-mining purposesMakogon, Roman; Terentiev, Oleksandr
2017Dynamic processes forecasting and risk estimation under uncertainty using decision support systemsBidyuk, Petro; Terentiev, Oleksandr; Prosyankina-Zharova, Tatiana
2015Modeling of information dissemination using the cellular automataTerentiev, Oleksandr; Prosyankina-Zharova, Tatyana
2016Scenario-based forecasting and analysis of air pollution for Ukraine: outlook to 2020Sobko, Valentina; Bidyuk, Petro; Terentiev, Oleksandr; Dzhygyrey, Iryna
2016Text mining analysis of agriculture internet sources using SAS softwareTerentiev, Oleksandr; Bidyuk, Petro; Sviazinska, Natalia; Kyrychenko, Victoria
2016Using modified logistic regression to increase customer response rate to marketing campaignsIvanova, Yuliia; Terentiev, Oleksandr; Korshevnyuk, Lev; Prosyankina-Zharova, Tatiana
2016Using SAS Enterprise Miner to build scoring card to evaluation solvency of individualsBakun, Sabina; Lytvyniuk, Anton; Terentiev, Oleksandr