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    Просодичне оформлення відмови, вираженої модальним дієсловом can’t
    (Міленіум, 2017) Сокирська, Ольга Сергіївна
    On the basis of the analysis of lexico-grammatical and intonation means’ interaction the author outlines the role of the modal verb “can” in formation and perception of the refusal utterance’s meaning. As a result of auditory analysis the author establishes a set of intonation components participating in the expression of refusal utterances by the speakers of different sociocidtural levels in different situations and due to different reasons.
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    Тембральні характеристики мовленнєво-музичних творів
    (Міленіум, 2017) Марченко, Валентина Володиимирівна
    The paper is the study of timbre properties in speech-and-nmsic works with accent on its complex nature residting from the integrated functioning of such intonation components as melody, utterance stress, rhythm, loudness, tempo and pauses. Thus timbre, being regarded as rather complicated and ambiguous prosodic element by linguists as well as musicologists, could be viewed as both auditive and acoustic parameter. The author analyzes utterances from speechand- music works with prevalence of melancholic, sad, and disappointed timbre.
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    Систематизація змін в системі приголосних середньоанглійського періоду розвитку англійської мови
    (Міленіум, 2017) Бурка, Наталія Анатоліївна
    In the paper by means of analyzing linguistic information the author substantiates the factors that caused the changes in the consonantal system in Middle period of the English language development.
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    Просодичні засоби організації точки зору у політичній промові
    (Міленіум, 2017) Алексієвець, Оксана Миколаївна
    In the paper the author focuses on the nature of point of view and on the basis of auditory analysis outlines the specificity of its prosodic organisation in political speech as well as substantiates its invariant and variant intonation patterns.
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    Специфіка вимовного акценту в іншомовному мовленні білінгвів
    (Міленіум, 2017) Валігура, Ольга Романівна
    The paper examines the problem of a foreign accent as a dynamic speech phenomenon. It outlines the linguistic and extralinguistic factors that contribute to the occurrence and perception o f a foreign accent in a bilingual’s speech. The research points out to the reasons of the emergence of the pronunciation accent on both segmental and suprasegmental levels of the phonetic system.
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    Київська фонетична школа: комплекс проблем, розроблюваних в обсязі енергетичної теорії мовлення
    (Міленіум, 2017) Калита, Алла Андріївна
    The paper outlines a set of problems studied within the framework o f a brand new speech energetics theory as an interdisciplinary approach to the study of phonetic phenomena. The scope of issues elaborated within the speech energetic theory by the representatives of Kyiv School of Phonetics, embraces the following: energetics of written and oral speech manifestation; energetics of communicants’ instinctive neuromuscular activities; energetics of communicants’ psycho-physiological processes of speaking-and-thinking and thinking-and-speaking activities; segmental and suprasegmental means’ interplay; text and discourse intonation; interaction of music and speech intonation; prosodic characteristics of speech of different personalities; sociocidtural (gender, age, occupation, etc.) and dialectal specificity of oral speech; English spoken by Ukrainians; interference of the Ukrainian sound system into the English one; speech tempo-rhythm; intonation manipulative potential; subliminal effect of sound means on the recipient; the role of phonosemantic and phonostylistic means in realizing the utterance meaning; oral speech emotional and pragmatic potentials and prosodic means of their realization; cognitive aspect of intonation; rhythmic organization of texts belonging to different genres; prosodic means conveying positive and negative emotions.