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Title: High-performance combined heat-transfer system of evaporation-condensation type
Other Titles: Высокоэффективная комбинированная теплопередающая система испарительно-конденсационного типа
Authors: Nikolaenko, Yu. E.
Kravets, V. Yu.
Alekseik, E. S.
Melnik, R. S.
Keywords: heat pipe
oscillating heat pipe
combined heat-transfer system
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace
Citation: Nikolaenko, Yu. E. High-performance combined heat-transfer system of evaporation-condensation type / Yu. E. Nikolaenko, V.Yu. Kravets, E. S. Alekseik, R. S. Melnik // Topical areas of fundamental and applied research. Vol. 1: Proceedings of the Conference. Moskow, 4-5.03.2013 (Volume 1). (Russian Edition) by sps Academic (CreateSpace, 4900 LaCross Road, North Charleston, SC, USA 29406), 2013. – Р. 149-151.
Appears in Collections:Матеріали конференцій, семінарів і т.п. (АЕС і ІТФ)

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