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Title: Functional Materials for Construction Application Based on Classical and Nano Composites: Production and Properties
Authors: Kolosov, Aleksandr
Kolosova, Olena
Keywords: reactoplast
electrical conductivity
crack resistance
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: InTechOpen
Citation: Kolosov, A. E. Functional Materials for Construction Application Based on Classical and Nano Composites: Production and Properties / Aleksandr Evhenovych Kolosov, Elena Petryvna Kolosova // Recent Developments in the Field of Carbon Fibers / Eds. Rita Khanna, Romina Cayumil. – InTechOpen, 2018. – Chapter 2. – Pp. 9–31.
Abstract: At the present stage of polymeric material science, the physical and chemical modification of the surface of reinforcing fibers and liquid polymer binder is the basic direction in the development of functional polymeric composite materials (PCMs) for structural purposes. In this chapter, various aspects of the physical and chemical modification of the components of reactoplastic materials of structural design on the basis of classical and nano-modified (NM) PCMs are analyzed. The choice of the most effective types of carbon nanofillers for creating functional PCMs is exemplified by the example of carbon plastics. The main emphasis is made on ultrasonic processing as the dominant method of physical modification when obtaining PCMs. It is shown that such a physical modification is aimed at the intensification of many technological operations for the production of such materials, as well as at improving the physico-mechanical and operational characteristics of the resulting products and structures on their basis. The questions of designing the technological process for the production of functional classical and NM PCMs are briefly analyzed. The aspects of creation of NM carbono-composites in which a continuous carbon fiber is combined with a binder in the volume of which the ultradisperse carbon nanoparticles are evenly distributed are considered. The prospects of production of functional hybrid PCMs based on reinforcing fabric with NM filler are shown. Features of obtaining functional NM carbono-composites with improved physico-mechanical and operational properties, in particular, with increased strength, electrical conductivity and crack resistance are described.
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