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    Mathematical modelling of crystallization of polymer solutions
    (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2023) Zelensky, K.
    The processes of homogenization and crystallization of polymer solutions in cylindrical pipes are considered, which are described by the convective-diffusion equation with respect to the solution temperature and kinetic equations with respect to homogenization and crystallization of the polymer known as the thermokinetic nonlinear boundary value problem. A numerical-analytical iterative method for solving this problem is proposed, which consists of stepwise obtaining solutions of kinetic equations with respect to homogenization and crystallization of polymer solutions depending on the solution temperature and obtaining a solution of the convective-diffusion problem with respect to melt temperature. The accuracy of the obtained solution is determined by the norm of the difference between two adjacent iterations. The value of the crystallization coefficient, which is close to unity, determines the length of the dosing zone and the transition to the next zone – the flow of homogenized polymer into the distribution head of the extruder. The results of mathematical modelling are given.
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    Інтегральні зображення додатно визначених ядер
    (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2023) Бохонов, Ю.Є.
    Доведено можливість інтегрального зображення додатно визначеного ядра від двох пар змінних. Використано техніку побудови за цим ядром нового гільбертового простору, у якому формально комутують симетричні диференціальні оператори. При цьому ядро задовольняє систему диференціальних рівнянь із частинними похідними. Відомо, що ядро, задане в підобласті дійсної площини, не завжди припускає продовження на всю площину. Така можливість зумовлена проблемою існування комутувального самоспряженого розширення симетричних операторів. Застосовано результати, отримані автором, пов’язані з комутувальним самоспряженим розширенням у більш широкому гільбертовому просторі. Одержане інтегральне зображення за спектральною мірою, породженою розкладом одиниці операторів, дає змогу продовження додатно визначеного ядра на всю площину.
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    Approach to positional logic algebra
    (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2023) Kovalov, M.
    The method of Boolean function representation in terms of positional logic algebra in compact operator form is offered. Compared with the known method, it uses position operators with a complexity of no more than two and only one type of equivalent transformations. The method is less labor intensive. It allows parallelizing logic calculations. The corresponding way of Boolean function implementation is developed. It competes with some known ways in terms of hardware complexity, resource intensity, and speed when implemented on an FPGA basis. Possibilities open up for creating effective automating means of representing Boolean functions from a large number of variables, synthesizing the corresponding LCs, and improving modern element bases.
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    Researches and applications of the combinatorial configurations for innovative devices and process engineering
    (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2023) Riznyk, V.V.
    This paper is devoted to the memory of Solomon Wolf Golomb (1932– 2016) — a famous American mathematician, engineer, and professor of electrical engineering. He was interested in developing techniques for improving the quality indices of engineering devices and systems with respect to performance reliability, transmission speed, positioning precision, and resolving ability based on novel combinatorial configurations. In 1996 S. Golomb have supported the project “Researches and Applications of the Combinatorial Configurations for Innovative Devices and Process Engineering” as a scientific collaboration with the Former Soviet Union (FSU) research team from Lviv Polytechnic State University (Ukraine) under the Cooperative Grant Program by CRDF (U.S.). The underlying project to be edited by S. Golomb is presented, and short information on the development of the researches and applications of optimized systems with ring structure given.
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    Модифікація мереж Петрі з антисипацією по позиції
    (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2023) Статкевич, В.М.
    Запропоновано модифікацію мережі Петрі з урахуванням сильної антисипації по позиції. Розширення реалізовано за допомогою введення в правило запуску переходу нового доданка, який містить цілочислову функцію від нової кількості фішок у позиції. Знайдено важливі відмінності від класичних мереж Петрі, наприклад, множина маркувань, досяжних з поточного маркування запуском дозволеного переходу, може бути як порожньою, так і містити більше одного маркування. Розглянуто питання побудови графу досяжності та дерева покриття. Указано умови, за яких дерево покриття існує, а для його побудови запропоновано алгоритм, який узагальнює відомий класичний алгоритм. Основні ідеї та конструкції проілюстровано на прикладах.
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    Ptimization of route distance using k-nn algorithm for on-demand food delivery
    (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2023) Paithane, Pradip M.; Wagh, Sarita Jibhau; Kakarwal, Sangeeta N.
    Customers are now more able to purchase goods over the phone or the Internet, and the ability for those purchases to be delivered safely to the customer’s location is proliferating. On-request meal delivery, where customers submit their food orders online, and riders deliver them, is growing in popularity. The cuttingedge urban food application necessitates incredibly efficient and adaptable continuous delivery administrations toward quick delivery with the shortest route. However, signing up enough food parcels and training them to use such food-seeking frameworks is challenging. This article describes a publicly supported web-based food delivery system. IoT (Internet of Things) and 3G, 4G, or 5G developments can attract public riders to act as publicly sponsored riders delivering meals using shared bikes or electric vehicles. The publicly funded riders are gradually distributed among several food suppliers for food delivery. This investigation promotes an online food ordering system and uses K-Nearest Neighbor calculations to address the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) in directing progress. The framework also uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) on Android-compatible mobile devices and the TOMTOM Routing API to obtain coordinates for planning purposes. To evaluate the presentation of the proposed approach, recreated limited scope and certifiable enormous scope on-request food delivery occurrences are used. Compared to the conventional methodology, the proposed strategy reduces the delay time. Each rider will receive the most direct route to the order delivery address. The delivery delay time is reduced by approximately 10–15 minutes for every order. The food supplier can determine whether an item is available to the rider; thus, the food supplier can add an order to the rider having the shortest way.
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    Algorithms of statistical anomalies clearing for data science applications
    (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2023) Pysarchuk, O.; Baran, D.; Mironov, Yu.; Pysarchuk, I.
    The paper considers the nature of input data used by Data Science algorithms of modern-day application domains. It then proposes three algorithms designed to remove statistical anomalies from datasets as a part of the Data Science pipeline. The main advantages of given algorithms are their relative simplicity and a small number of configurable parameters. Parameters are determined by machine learning with respect to the properties of input data. These algorithms are flexible and have no strict dependency on the nature and origin of data. The efficiency of the proposed approaches is verified with a modeling experiment conducted using algorithms implemented in Python. The results are illustrated with plots built using raw and processed datasets. The algorithms application is analyzed, and results are compared.
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    Generalization of the thermodynamic approach to multi-dimensional quasistatic processes
    (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2023) Kutsenko, A.S.; Kovalenko, S.V.; Kovalenko, S.M.
    A method of mathematical modeling of multidimensional quasi-static processes, a generalization of quasi-static processes of equilibrium thermodynamics, is proposed and substantiated. The authors obtain a generalization of the first and the second law of thermodynamics in the form of Carathéodory to multidimensional quasi-static processes. The idea of generalization is to construct an orthogonal system of functionals similar to the work and heat functionals of classical thermodynamics along families of phase trajectories corresponding to different types of influences on a multidimensional quasi-static system. The representation of quasi-static processes by systems of ordinary differential equations containing control variables is substantiated. The obtained results make it possible to use a wide arsenal of methods of the theory of control of dynamical systems to solve problems of control of quasi-static processes.
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    Modified SEIRD model for describing the COVID-19 epidemic
    (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2023) Klymenko, A.I.; Podkolzin, G.B.
    This article is devoted to mathematical models in epidemiology, in particular SIR, SEIR, and SEIRD models. It explores the importance of these models in predicting the spread of infectious diseases and evaluating the effectiveness of control measures. These models allow for assessing important epidemic parameters such as the speed of infection transmission, the number of people infected, and the number of deaths. This data can help in making decisions regarding the imposition and lifting of quarantine restrictions, opening and closing of schools and other institutions, as well as in developing vaccination strategies and other control measures. In summary, mathematical models such as SIR, SEIR, and SEIRD are important tools in the fight against epidemics. They enable epidemiologists and medical professionals to predict and control the spread of diseases, thus preserving the health and lives of people.
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    Study of the underground tunnel planning. Cognitive modelling
    (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2023) Pankratova, N.D.; Musiienko, D.I.
    A study of the underground tunnel planning reliability for megacities is proposed based on the use of foresight and cognitive modeling methodologies. Using the foresight methodology allows, with the help of expert estimation procedures, to identify critical technologies and build alternatives of scenarios with quantitative characteristics. For the justified implementation of a particular scenario, cognitive modeling is used, which allows to build causal relationships based on knowledge and experience, understand and analyze the behavior of a complex system for a strategic perspective with a large number of interconnections and interdependencies. The suggested study allows the reliability planning of underground tunnels on the basis of reasonable scenarios selection and justification of their creation priority.
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    Decision-tree and ensemble-based mortality risk models for hospitalized patients with СOVID-19
    (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2023) Vyklyuk, Ya.; Levytska, S.; Nevinskyi, D.; Hazdiuk, K.; Škoda, M.; Andrushko, S.
    The work is devoted to studying SARS-CoV-2-associated pneumonia and the investigating of the main indicators that lead to the patients’ mortality. Using the good-known parameters that are routinely embraced in clinical practice, we obtained new functional dependencies based on an accessible and understandable decision tree and ML ensemble of classifiers models that would allow the physician to determine the prognosis in a few minutes and, accordingly, to understand the need for treatment adjustment, transfer of the patient to the emergency department. The accuracy of the resulting ensemble of models fitted on actual hospital patient data was in the range of 0.88–0.91 for different metrics. Creating a data collection system with further training of classifiers will dynamically increase the forecast’s accuracy and automate the doctor’s decision-making process/
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    Research of food security problems of the wartorn regions of ukraine using geomatics methods
    (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2023) Zgurovsky, M.; Yefremov, K.; Gapon, S.; Pyshnograiev, I.
    Every year, the world faces new difficult challenges in maintaining global security. Compliance with food security principles is an important component of the global context of world development. Recent military conflicts have had a strong impact on the development of regions that provide food for millions of people around the world. Ukraine plays a key role in providing agricultural products to the population of countries from different continents. The article is devoted to the study of the state of agricultural crops in a regional section during the period of active hostilities by means of geomatics, which allow one to assess the degree of transformation of sustainable farming quickly, determine the trend of the development of the industry, and calculate the likely scale of changes in the obtained products in the coming years. As a result, with the help of deep learning models integrated into geoinformation systems, the boundaries of agricultural fields in the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions were determined, the state of moisture and bioproductivity of agricultural crops was determined for three years, an analysis of changes has been made in the state of agricultural fields under the influence of new factors of conducting active hostilities during the first half of 2022, the next harvest productivity forecast was made in two southern regions of Ukraine. The study was carried out by the team of the World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. It was part of research on the analysis of the behavior of complex socio-economic systems and processes of sustainable development in the context of the quality and safety of people’s lives.