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У зібранні розміщено матеріали, опубліковані у збірниках, що видані за результатами конференцій, семінарів, конгресів, круглих столів тощо.


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    Hyperchaos in Oscillating Systems with Limited Excitation
    (Springer, Cham, 2019) Shvets, Aleksandr; Sirenko, Vasiliy
    The oscillating systems of a pendulum type, nonideal in the sense of Sommerfeld-Kononenko are considered. Such systems are used for modeling oscillations in hydrodynamics, shell theory and other applications. The complex scenario of transition to the hyperchaos is revealed and described in details. Revealed scenario begins with symmetric limit cycles and ends with a transition to hyperchaos through generalized intermittency with two coarse grained laminar phases. This scenario is illustrated in detail by projections of phase portraits, Poincaré sections and other characteristics of attractors of the system.
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    Complicated Scenarios of Transitions to Deterministic Chaos in Non-Ideal Dynamic Systems
    (NTU KhPI, 2016) Shvets, Aleksandr Yu.; Sirenko, Vasiliy
    Some of non-ideal dynamic systems are considered. It is discovered and described the complicated transition scenarios from regular to chaotic regimes and transitions between different types of chaotic regimes. Described the transition to chaos, which begins by the Feigenbaum scenario, and ends by intermittency. Also discusses the scenario of intermittency with several laminar phases and one turbulent phase. It is discovered and described transitions "hyperchaotic attractor of one type – hyperchaotic attractor of another type," which are realized according to the scenario of a generalized intermittency, but only with two rough-laminar phases.
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    Chaotic attractors in a deterministic system generator - piezoceramic transducer
    (UNESP – Campus de São José do Rio Preto, 2007) Krasnopolskaya, T. S.; Shvets, A. Yu.