Manufacturing Process Design for the Part "Bearing Shell"




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Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


Engineering - one of the main industries of Ukraine. Mechanical engineering technology is the science of methods of manufacturing machine parts and mechanisms. There are two main problems in mechanical engineering technology: the problem of product manufacturing quality and the problem of labor productivity. Each of these problems includes a number of other, more narrow and specific problems, for example, reliability and durability, geometric and functional interchangeability, manufacturability, automation of technological processes and management functions in all types of production and, finally, the problem of maximizing the effectiveness of scientific research works. This diploma project is aimed at solving specific problems in the field of improving technologies, improving the technical and economic indicators of manufacturing parts. In this diploma work, the technological process of processing the "bearing housing" part is developed, the possibilities of the proposed technological process are evaluated to ensure the necessary accuracy of the design dimensions, the determination of cutting modes, the development of the device for one technological operation, and the development necessary for the implementation of the technological process in the conditions of the production of technological documentation. The tasks of the diploma project envisage the following indicators: - The volume of production is 50,000 units. - The material of the part is cast iron CH25 GOST 1412-85


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Bearing Shell

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Pouya Moslemi Petroudi. Manufacturing Process Design for the Part "Bearing Shell" : diploma project for a bachelor's degree : 131 Applied mechanics / Pouya Moslemi Petroudi . – Kyiv, 2023. – 70 с.