Manufacturing Process Design for the Part "Gearbox Housing"




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Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


The completed work consists of 9 sheets of graphic part of A1 format, and the text part in the amount of 70 sheets of A4 format. The text part has all the necessary explanations. Various sources were used: guidelines, manuals, reference books, catalogs, etc. The following tasks were solved in the work: analysis of the boring mandrel deflection; a method of manufacturing the workpiece was selected, and a drawing of the workpiece was developed, The allowances and tolerances for the main features were determined; 3D models of the part and a 3D model of the workpiece were developed; typical technological tasks were solved, calculated allowances and cutting modes by the analytical method for a cylindrical inner surface, time standards for milling operations were calculated; devices for multipurpose machines were developed and designed; and non-standard parts used in this device, developed 3D models of devices; visualization of the technological process in the Power Mill CAD system; - solution of certain labor protection issues; calculated the cost of manufacturing the part. The graphic part of the paper presents the results of the Use of a combined tool in metalworking, drawings and 3D models of the part and workpiece; graphical representation of technological operations.


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Gearbox Housing

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Yasaman Mazloom Tabrizi. Manufacturing Process Design for the Part "Gearbox Housing" : diploma project for a bachelor's degree : 131 Applied mechanics / Yasaman Mazloom Tabrizi. – Kyiv, 2023. – 88 с.