Manufacturing Process Design for the Part "Housing"




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Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


The completed work consists of 5 sheets of the graphic part of A1 format and 78 sheets of explanatory notes of A4 format. The explanatory note contains a complete description of the work, including necessary explanations, tables, and illustrations. Various sources of literature were used to write the work, such as methodological guidelines, books, magazines, catalogs, various websites for guidance and context, etc. As part of the work, the following tasks were solved: - The method of production of the workpiece is chosen, allowances and tolerances for the execution of the main surfaces are determined. - A 3D model of the part and a 3D model of the technological equipment were developed. - Technological tasks were solved, allowances and cutting modes were calculated using the analytical method. - Devices for a 3-axis CNC milling machine for part processing have been developed with g-codes added to it.


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Pransukh Banerjee. Manufacturing Process Design for the Part "Housing" : diploma project for a bachelor's degree : 131 Applied mechanics / Pransukh Banerjee. – Kyiv, 2023. – 78 с.