Design and Technological Support for the Production of the "Jaw" Part





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Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


The explanatory note for my bachelor's diploma project titled "Design and Technological Provision of Jaw Part Manufacturing" comprises of 70 A4-size pages and includes 33 illustrations, 19 tables, and 3 appendices. These appendices present the processing routes and operations, and the control program code for the CNC machine. Throughout the project, I have referenced 59 literature sources, including manuals, guides, handbooks, catalogs, standards, articles, and scientific research. The graphical part of the project consists of 8 A1-size sheets, showcasing various aspects such as the static study results, detailed drawings, 3D representations of the part and the workpiece, graphical depictions of the technological transitions, and their visualization in the CAM system. Furthermore, assembly drawings of the machine devices and technological transition schemes for two operations are included. Within the diploma project, I have addressed the following aspects: • I explored the issue of deformation of the workpiece when machining. • I proposed an alternative solution to a specific problem, highlighting its advantages and drawbacks. • I designed a 3D model of the jaw part and provided its detailed drawings. • I conducted an analysis of the part's functional purpose and working conditions within the assembly. • I performed a brief analysis of the manufacturability of the part's design. • I selected the appropriate method for manufacturing the workpiece, developed a 3D model of the workpiece, and created its detailed drawings. • I justified the selection of technological foundations for all the operations within the manufacturing process. • I devised the operational technological process for manufacturing the jaw part. • I determined the required allowances for all the machined surfaces of the workpiece. • I standardized the technological operations for producing the part. • I developed the necessary technological documentation, including processing routes, and operations. • I designed the construction of the machine device and its 3D model, conducting all the necessary calculations to determine the required clamping force. • I calculated the manufacturing cost of the part. The attached annex pages at the end of the diploma project include a comprehensive report of the static study conducted on the jaw part using Fusion 360. The study4 focused on assessing the structural weaknesses of the part during the drilling of tapped countersunk holes F5 and F6. The study report provides valuable insights into the deformations that occurred and their visual representations. This diploma project aims to showcase the extensive research, design, and technological considerations involved in the manufacturing process of the jaw part. It presents a comprehensive analysis of various aspects, along with practical solutions and innovative approaches


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Zyad Hakim. Design and Technological Support for the Production of the "Jaw" Part : diploma project for a bachelor's degree : 131 Applied mechanics / Zyad Hakim. – Kyiv, 2023. – 74 с.